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Account: Account is a component of a Chart Of Accounts, and is part of a Ledger. Used to record a total monetary amount allocated against a specific use. Accounts are one of five basic types: asset, liability, revenue (income), expenses, or equity.

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Account Based Expense Line Detail

Account Based Expense Line Detail: Account based expense detail for a transaction line.

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Advanced Inventory Prefs

Advanced Inventory Prefs: QBW: only. Defines advance inventory Prefs details

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Attachable: Describes the details of the attachment.

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Balance Sheet Detail

Balance Sheet Detail: Balance sheet detail.

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Balance Sheet Summary

Balance Sheet Summary: Balance sheet summary.

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Bill: Bill is an AP transaction representing a request-for-payment from a third party for goods/services rendered and/or received

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Bill Payment

Bill Payment: Financial transaction representing a Payment by check issued to pay one or more bills received from 3rd party (vendor) for purchased goods or services.

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Bill Payment Check

Bill Payment Credit Card

Boolean Type Custom Field Definition

Boolean Type Custom Field Definition: Provides for strong-typing of the BooleanType CustomField.

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Cash Back Info

Cash Purchase

Cash Purchase: Cash based expense type definition

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C D C Query

C D C Query: CDCQuery entity describing need for query

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Change Data

Change Data: TODO: Update summary.

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