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Task: A specific task to be completed, maps to a ToDo record in QuickBooks.

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Tax Agency

Tax Agency: Represents a tax agency to whom sales/purchase/VAT taxes collected are paid

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Tax Code

Tax Code: A tax code is used to track the taxable or non-taxable status of products, services, and customers. You can assign a sales tax code to each of your products, services, and customers based on their taxable or non-taxable status. You can then use these codes to generate reports that provide information to the tax agencies about the taxable or non-taxable status of certain sales.
See Global Tax Model.

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Tax Line Detail

Tax Line Detail: Tax detail for a transaction line.

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Tax Prefs

Tax Rate

Tax Rate: A sales tax rate specifies the tax rate for the specific TaxCode.
See Global Tax Model.

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Tax Rate Detail

Tax Rate List

Telephone Number

Telephone Number: Telephone number type definition. This entity is always manipulated in the context of another parent entity like Person, Organization etc.

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Template Name

Template Name: The name of a template used for a specific form presentation.

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Term: The Term entity represents the terms under which a sale is made, typically expressed in the form of days due after the goods are received. Optionally, a discount of the total amount may be applied if payment is made within a stipulated time. For example, net 30 indicates that payment is due within 30 days. A term of 2%/15 net 60 indicates that payment is due within 60 days, with a discount of 2% if payment is made within 15 days. Term also supports: an absolute due date, a number of days from a start date, a percent discount, or an absolute discount.

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Text Row

Text Row: Specifies the Unique Identifier for an Intuit Object of that type in that domain. Create request will not specify ID

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Time Activity

Time Activity: A record of time worked by a vendor or employee.

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Time Tracking Prefs

Time Tracking Prefs: Defines VendorAndPurchase Prefs details

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Transaction: Transaction is the base class of all transactions.

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