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Check Payment

Check Payment: Check payment details for both payments to vendors and payments from customers.

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Check Purchase

Check Purchase: Financial Transaction information that pertains to the entire Check.

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Class: Classes provide a way to track different segments of the business, and to break down the income and expenses for each segment. Classes can apply to all transactions, so they're not tied to a particular client or project.

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Col Desc

Col Desc: Describes the columns

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Company: Describes Company information

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Company Accounting Prefs

Company Accounting Prefs: Defines Company Accounting Prefs details

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Company Info

Company Info: Describes Company information

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Contact Info

Contact Info: Contact information identified by Type.

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Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Payment: Information about a payment received by credit card.

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Credit Card Purchase

Credit Card Purchase: Financial Transaction information that pertains to the entire Check.

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Credit Charge Info

Credit Charge Info: Holds credit-card information to request a credit card payment from a merchant account service, but NOT any response or authorization information from the merchant account service provider -- see CreditChargeResponse

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Credit Memo

Credit Memo: Financial transaction representing a refund (or credit) of payment or part of a payment for goods or services that have been sold.

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Currency: Describes the properties of currencies defined in QuickBooks. QuickBooks supports the world's common currencies.

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Currency Prefs


Customer: QBO: The Customer entityrepresents the consumer of the service or the product that your business offers. QBO allows categorizing the customers in a way that is meaningful to the business. For example, you can set up a category of customers to indicate which industry a customer represents, the geographic location of a customer, or how a customer came to know about the business. The categorization can be then used for reports or mails. Description: QBW: The Customer entity is a consumer of the service or product that your business offers. While creating a customer, avoid entering job data. If you enter a job data, the system can prevent you from adding more jobs for that customer. You must first create the customer, and then create a job using that customer as a parent. Business Rules:
-The customer name must be unique. 
-The customer name must not contain a colon (:). 
-The e-mail address of the customer must contain "@" and "." (dot). 
-The customer address field is mandatory. 

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